Emerald Cinema is a dedicated couture film company based out of Sacramento, California. We film those once in a lifetime moments for couples all over Califonia.
We combine 
our creativity and abilities with your vision to produce your wedding's 
amazing visual narrative exactly as it should be remembered.
Our team works closely with our couples and the wedding pros 
that you trust to capture and preserve your life's biggest day.


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  • Emerald Cinema Team

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • Filmed in 4k

  • Client Portal & Download

  • Beautiful Drone Footage

  • 1 MINUTE "Instagram Edit"

  • 12-15 Minute Feature Film

  • 3-5 Cinematic Short Film 

  • 6 Week Turnaround

  • Production Coordinator

  • Professional Editor

  • Premium Color Grading

  • Custom Title Grading

  • Full Ceremony & Full Toasts

The Cinematic Short Film
(included with our base package) captures your story, emotions, and the intricate details of your unforgettable day. We meticulously select special moments from your wedding day, select speeches, toasts, and beautiful shots of your venue and compile a 4-6 minute Cinematic Film.

Our artistic methodology to filming and our hard work in editing allows us to create a marvelous memory that will last forever.



Our base wedding cinematography package is a perfect all around package providing you with 
2 Cinematographers for 8 hours, capturing all the essential elements of your wedding professionally and creatively. We create a gorgeous Cinematic Short Film, Instagram Highlight, Feature Film, Ceremony & Toasts telling your wedding story exactly as it happens!


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5 Videos Included


Feature Film


The Included Feature Film builds on the Short Film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially

from your ceremony and reception

extending your Wedding Film to 10-12 memorable minutes.

Our Cinema package has it all


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