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About us

About Emerald Cinema

Cinema: cin·e·ma/ˈsinəmə/ -a theater where movies are shown for public entertainment; -the production of movies as an art or industry.
The story goes back to 2012. Beginning as a favor for friends and family and then growing to a full fleged photo and video production company. We currently employ a small but effective team of 6. Together we coordinate with couples the details for your big day! We then shoot, edit, and deliver amazing memories that will last a lifetime. We believe that your big day should feel like a movie, which is why we use cinema cameras and only the latest photography cameras that deliver the best image quality which we then "color grade" to produce rich skin tones and vibriant environments.

About Our Videos

3-5 Minute Short Film: This is the MOST SAUGHTAFTER video. This film captures your whole day in a sharable format. Using expert editing we grab parts of you getting ready, first look, ceremony, reception, you name it's probably in our Short Film Full Ceremony Film: This film is a full coverage video of your entire ceremony from start to finish. Yup! From beginning to end in its entirety. This edit will require synced audio from our lav mics and/or sound recording from your DJ’s sound system, which we will be in charge of collecting. This is a multi-camera edit so you will be able to experience your ceremony from multiple angles. Full Toast/Speeches Film: This film is a video capturing all of those profund word spoken from those that matter the most to both of you. From start to finish. This film is captured and cut from start to finish. 60-second teaser video: This video will include highlights of your entire day in a short and concise video that is perfect for sharing on Facebook and Instagram!

How well do you work with photographers?

Too many brides have heard of Horror Stories of other videographers being a pain to work with, or there being conflict with photographers and videographers.

With us that is NEVER an issue because we simply we let the PHOTOGRAPHER LEAD THE WAY. That simple. We don't let the photographer pose the couple just to go and pose the couple a second time. That makes no sense. We share poses and use the best angles to make those brief moments last forever. We also do photography ourselves so we know a thing or two about teamwork in creating some truly memorable experiences.

With that being said we do like to take some time during sunset to create SPECIAL intimate moments with your partner for a few minutes. This time is oftentimes called "Golden Hour" and it produces the most gorgeous images possible.

What happens after we book with you?

After you have booked, we send you a questionnaire to know more about the details of your big day. We then coordinate with your videographers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. One month prior to your big day we schedule a call to ask you if there have been any changes or things we need to know before your big day.

You can count on us to stay in constant contact with you every step of the way, a year before, a month, a week, a day. We are also just a text away at anytime 916-620-7464

What about music?

We license all of our music through a popular music platform. We allow and encourage our clients to go through and choose their music choice there. Once we have created a playlist for you, we then choose which song would be appropriate for different parts of your longer form videos. There are so many genres and styles that you may choose from! NOTE: We can use mainstrain music for your videos also( ask us how)

What can we expect from you on our big day?

You can expect for us to arrive early. You can expect for us to be friendly and ready to film. We know that EVERY moment and detail is important so we film:

  • Details such as rings, shoes, invitations, dress etc.
  • We capture you getting ready for your big day, your make-up, and finishing up getting dressed.
  • We film your first look, letter readings, or other special moments before your ceremony.
  • Your Ceremony
  • Drone Footage of the Venue
  • Grand Entrance, First Dance(s), Cake Cutting, Garter/Bouquet Toss
  • This list is only an example as each wedding is unique and special in its own way
Our videographers will film for 8 hours and will capture everything!

How do we BOOK or get in CONTACT?

Easy as: Filling out our website form, Giving us a call or C hatting with our chat box. We can send you a proposal right away, send you more of our work, or we can set up a time to talk. We can make it as easy as you would like to book your date! We require half of the total amount to book your date and the rest one month before your big day.

What can we expect AFTER our big day?

About a few weeks after your big day you can expect us to send you a download link for your 1 Minute Highlight Video.
Then within the following months you can expect the rest of your films and/or photographs :)