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7 Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos and Videos

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Hey there lovebirds! 💕

We know your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and we want to make sure you remember it in the most perfect way possible! That's why it's super important to plan out your day in advance, not just for the guests but also for your talented photographers and videographers. We don't want those beautiful posed shots and memorable video scenes to get cut because of a schedule delay, do we?


Hey there, bride and groom-to-be! We need to talk about something super important: getting ready for your big day! If you don't give yourself enough time to get ready, the whole wedding day can be thrown off track! So, make sure to practice getting ready ahead of time and give yourself some extra cushion time. Trust us, it always takes longer than you think, especially with all the excitement and your friends around. And, here's a little tip: try not to party too hard the night before. We know it's tempting, but it can make everyone move a little slower the next day and set back the getting ready process. After all, the wedding day is the big party, so save the wild times for then!

More time early on also means more time for details!

TIP #2 Involve your vendors in your day-of timeline early on.

So, our first tip is to get your vendors involved in creating the schedule for your big day! Your wedding coordinators, photographers, caterers, and venue owners have seen countless weddings and they know how long each step takes. Let's take advantage of their expertise and make sure everyone is on the same page! You can even shoot them a draft schedule to get their feedback and ensure you've allocated enough time for your photography and videography. Remember, they can point out some issues you may not think of yourself!

Let's make your wedding day one for the books! 🎉


Let's talk teamwork! Your wedding photos and videos are the perfect way to relive your special day, but they won't be as magical without a photography and videography team that works together seamlessly. They need to capture all the important moments and need time to get those perfect shots, so coordination is key!

Imagine the horror of having your photographer accidentally blocking your first kiss in the wedding video. Yikes! (Personally we have tons of experience and workflows for never missing a shot 😉 ) But that's why it's important for your photographer and videographer to work in sync during posed sessions with the wedding party. By shadowing each other and using different poses, they can save time and make sure they both get the shots they need. If you're unsure about how to find the perfect duo, don't worry. You can always work with a company that can handle both photo and video or ask your photographer/videographer for a recommendation.

TIP #4 Try Family formals before the ceremony📷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Hey there, lovebirds! Are you considering taking some formal photos before the wedding? Well, it might just be the perfect plan for you! If you don't mind seeing each other before the ceremony, it's an excellent way to make sure you get those dreamy portraits and fabulous video footage. Plus, it leaves you with more time to spend with your guests during the reception. And guess what? Your First Look can still be super special and lead to some amazing and unique photos and videos. So why not give it a try?

Tip #5: Lights, camera, action! Don't forget about video!🎥

While most couples remember to allocate time for posed photos, they often overlook the importance of posed video shots. Trust us, these shots are the key to capturing those magical moments that you'll want to relive over and over again. From candid interviews with the bride and groom to heartfelt letters read out loud, video adds an extra special touch to your big day. To make sure your videographers have enough time to capture all the best moments, be sure to schedule these shots in advance. You won't regret it!

Tip #6: Organize Your Family Members!📝

Nothing beats the joy of reconnecting with long-lost family members at weddings. But, it can be tricky to locate them when you need them for formal portraits. That's why it's essential to give them a heads up ahead of time, so they don't get too caught up in the festivities and forget. You can also make a list and give it to your photographers so they can call out names, making the process much more efficient. Don't forget to assign a couple of family members from both the bride and groom's side to help locate any missing relatives. With this helpful tip, you'll have all your family members organized and ready to go in no time!


Tip six is all about capturing that magical golden hour of sunlight for your wedding photos! This is the time when the sun's rays are at their most gorgeous and create that dreamy, romantic look you've always dreamed of.

Although it can be tricky to fit this into your wedding schedule, there are a few ways to make it work. For instance, consider taking your couples portraits during this time or even sneaking away from your guests during dinner to snap a few shots. It's a little bit of extra effort, but the stunning photos will be worth it!



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